03 Juni, 2010

Build Natural Traffic Website

Traffic to a website or blog is like a fertilizer that will create a fertile plants, because the Internet without adequate traffic Traffic is the development of a blog will be slow. There are many ways to increase visitor traffic Traffic in our blog, one of the most powerful ways is blogwalking, because by doing blogwalking automatically we would get behind the visit.

Increase Traffic visitors through blogwalking have the weakness that we can not avoid that when we're lazy BW visitors it will automatically be reduced unless we blog blog traffic is crowded and visitors already have RSS subscribers fednya stout. How do I get traffic on our blog still crowded even though in a state of lazy Blog Walking?, There are several ways that can be practiced colleagues.
  1. Studies Using SEO to display the article or articles in our first page search engines google, yahoo or other search engines, because by being on the first page allows people to open up our writing.
  2. The theme was picked up writing trends and much sought by Internet users, by utilizing a particular moment in the interest of people crowded.
  3. Create a post title for more than three words, this allows more search engines can detect the desired keywords visitors.
  4. Make a paper or a unique title so with words or writing a unique, different and nyleneh not many words or word is used so that people will most likely be in the first pages on search engines.
  5. Send your articles or posts to social sites such as Lintas Berita, infogue, digg.com, okezone and others because it will help us in writing see a lot of people.

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