31 Mei, 2010

Pagerank Hunting And Alexarank Trafic

Although its existence is still mysterious to novice bloggers pride when a website but we had a high pagerank and alexa rank we are getting small or slim. For blogger who want a website or blog for online business activities and hence a high Pagerank aleka small rank is a must.

Many ways have been done by the owners of the websites or blogs to get sympathy pagerank and alexa rank, we hereby state the following few ways that we can use to increase pagerank and alexa rank streamline the coquettish.

  1.  Consistency of blog posts or writing
  2.  Making a lot of sub domains for those who have paid domain name, with the share with other bloggers or for yourself, because with a lot of sub domains allowed activeness in to post.
  3. Mebuat website social borkmarking, websites like this will quickly have a pagerank because it is supported by the update post active.
  4. Menggunakan seo science writing on the blog so that we are on the first page of search engines search engine, if this happens then your traffic will be good enough and can potentially get sympathy from google pagerank.
  5. Memburu backlink on DoFollow blogs which had a high Pagerank as did the experts seo optimization for certain keywords.

Alexa rank quite active in updating its data could be once a week but for google pagerank can update every three months so that although we are pretty good post updates if google is not being updated Pagerank yes indeed it must be patiently waiting.

This paper is not an absolute truth because this is just observation and experience of blogging activity that we do, and did not rule out input from colleagues all based on observation or personal experience can be added here, thanks.

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