26 Maret, 2010

When Reality Not Like What We Expect

That's the words that always come out when what we expect is not always smooth and slippery, a lot of barriers and obstacles that accompaniment. We have plans to get married in all but the fact that the year had not yet met the desired partner, though has come Take me out or take him out of Indonesia, may have already met mate but the wedding is still in shambles and many others.

When in college we always hope that a direct graduate work in accordance with the discipline we study, but in reality nyari work hard, let alone an appropriate job that does not match any difficulty for mercy. So what should we do when seeing something like that, there are human type 2 when seeing things that are not in accordance with the wishes:

First Type pessimistic: People like this type when you're having problems on the desire to always do not match expectations then he is always complaining, blaming either side, the time, it was also to blame. With such the hearts and minds will be stressful and frustrating, even not a few who take a shortcut.

Both Type Optimist: Typical optimistic people always thought of failure is a valuable lesson for success, always thinking that berpositif with his failure he will learn to correct mistakes that made him fail so that despite the bitter reality but pikiannya heart and remain calm.

From both the above must typikal we've been there, but the portion which is more dominant in us, let us improve ourselves, for a success and our desire, greetings.

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