25 Maret, 2010

Observe, blackouts and Modification (OBM)

The title above is familiar enough if the world we struggled so far is in the business world, because it is above the OBM term we got from some book I read and seminars I attended motivation from some experts such as motivation Jamess Gwee, Tung Desem Waringin and other , is as ekssis of our world today that is involved with marketing world. Actually teory above not only applies in the business world alone but far more broadly covering all aspects of life we are living, because it is quite universal.

In everyday life such as next-door neighbor happened to us was quite successful in his efforts there is nothing wrong What we observe that they are actually doing so can be successful with these efforts, then would not hurt us imitate what they do with a little modification of our own style , because of the ways other people do when we run will not necessarily get the same results and this is where the modifications, as well as in the world when there are bloggers successful in increasing its income from duania blog does not hurt us imitate and do not forget modifications also do not get used copy paste.

In preparation for a more true life or the life after this life for a religious course Examine ways, and blackouts this modification can be done even with the modifications that should not be exaggerated, because in religious life has no particular signs that we must run the bias we observe is a good behavior of the people who run the religious faithful, so we can start life with a balance between life world and life after death Hereafter or later, greetings

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  1. artikel bagus.akan sangat bermanfaat bagi pembacanya.

  2. nggak ada artikel yang bahasa indonsia mas.soalnya nggak ngerti bahasa inggris