13 Oktober, 2010

Ushanka Traditional Russian Winter Hats

A Ushanka is, traditional yet modern style hat, Russian winter hat, a very warm for the winter in Russia. With typical cirri have earplugs, which can be folded and tied at the top of the cap, or tied at the chin. protect the ears until the bottom of the chin tengkuksampai that protects the top of the back of the neck from the cold weather.

Ushanka Russian Fur Hat  worn by soldiers and ex-Soviet Russia are often made of artificial fur. However Ushankas officiers' made of Mouton or sheep skin. Ushanka hat is also made from many kinds of fur, like a hare, arctic fox, mink and muskrat. With modern design is expected to be in accordance with current clothing designs.

A Russian Ushanka hat will make you comfortable in all winter long while keeping you fashionable. Features the classic Russian style hat with ear warmer cap ties under the chin, above the crown of your head, or behind, this will give you three different style or look you more charming.

Wait let alone have the cap immediately to prepare for winter ushanka you to be comfortable and still look attractive.

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