12 Juli, 2010

Secured Credit Card Use

In today's modern life, we are a lot of pampering by the various facilities relating to the needs of daily life. Credit card is one of the facilities on offer by the banking world, but for this one facility we should be very careful if you do not want to dissolve in the circle of debt. How safe can we try to use a credit card

  • Credit cards are not debit cards that each of us use will reduce our savings, then invest in ourselves that each use a credit card regardless of means will increase our debt.
  • Use your credit card only for urgent and essential needs not only to activities or razzle-good shopping spree.
  • Make sure at the time of using existing credit card cash reserves to cover the debt before its maturity, if there are no reserves at all to close we must be vigilant.
  • Try to have a credit card can be minimized if one just because the more cards we have in our increasingly uncontrolled use it.
  • If you include the type of person who likes to live the glamorous and tends to Spree-loving but family income including a mediocre, you should avoid credit cards.

Thus had little way to be safe in using credit cards, if colleagues have any experience in this sharing can be added as an ingredient. We need to know when we already have a credit card offer in many cases will continue to flow then you should not receive all of the offer and selectively, to avoid the debt trap.

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  1. It's really a useful and safe tips,i also have some tips,If you have to give out your card information over the phone only do it with reputable companies and certainly only when it is you who started the call.
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  2. nice and useful info,thanks for shering