07 April, 2010

Nine steps to Realize Your Dream

I often wondered how and in what manner, we can realize a dream or our ideals, because the dream would be pointless if we never do anything to make it happen, for it let us do some things to manifest our dreams in a way
  • First, start the work or activity from the most simple to the road to our dreams if I may borrow a term from AA Gym, start small, start from ourselves and from this time also, because of the little things that if we do constantly will make a big thing.
  • Second, select the priority scale when necessary to cultivate a deep in our brains when necessary memory in large write diaries and make the opening sentence in our computer or notebook, By writing, or stuck in a place that is often seen, then we will be more focused to pursue our dreams or desires
  • Third, the search is successful or successful figures of people, a figure we consider a great hero. Someone who has the achievement, success or have an intension. Try we learn life. Starting from his habits, his favorite, his activities and more. With figures have heroes, we will unconsciously imitate what he did.
  • Fourth, we must be realistic, even if we have a big dream, remains to be more realistic. Sometimes we will experience failures or barriers that hinder our dreams, but with this realistic, we remain consistent pursuit of that dream.
  • Fifth, find a teacher or tutor in realizing our dreams and we can find this anywhere and with anyone who is important to learn from their path to that dream can come true
  • Sixth, think positively (Khusnudzon) Do not easy to always think negatively because the berkhusnudzon to God if we are not yet able to realize our dreams we will not easily give up and not easily stressed if the failure is always enveloped us
  • Seventh, try to compare yourself with others who we think is worth it, if that person, including what we consider successful we must find out what he did to achieve their dreams, and at the same time we must be introspective about what we have done to realize our dream
  • Eighth, do not forget to pray to the Creator, because as good and as strong as any we are without His Permission surely we would be hard to realize our dreams.
  • Ninth, Always Ready to appreciate what we receive with gratitude for what God gives to us if we would not be able to realize a dream, we're not going to stress and despair.

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