23 Maret, 2010

We are destined to be a Winner

Often we complain why others succeed and we do not, why others love while we are suffering, why are other much money while we continue to lack and others. As human beings we really are destined to succeed and be a winner, but often we do not do things or in ways that can make us successful, and succeeded, some of the things we have to do is:

We Must Have a Plan to Win, for a success is extremely difficult and it took a struggle tirelessly, often we give up before we get the result for the things we have to plan carefully to achieve what we want, until we find success.

We must prepare ourselves to win, a victory without the preparation that happens then is chaos, so you can be successful with a simple but usually without well prepared so that you achieve success will not last long.

Do not forget to practice to win, whatever that good a boxer he was not going to be fierce and furious without practice, because the harder you practice the greater the chance of winning, so there's no easy thing to be a winner, never stop to train our ability to something that we want to achieve.

Furthermore, we expect to win, human greatness there must be a limit so do not forget that we are behind the success of the intervention of others and the will of the Creator, for it never to forget the people around us and keep praying for our victory and success. Congratulations you have a winner for what you want, greeting success.

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