26 Desember, 2009

Donations for our brother in poor countries

Not all countries in the world have the same welfare. Some of their people may have opportunity in having good education, health but some others are not. We will decide them as developed, developing and poor countries. Therefore, for them who are not lucky as developed and developing countries really need our help.

Today we know about there of terms that we called Car Donations, Boat Donations and House Donations. Those kinds of donations generally have the same purpose in donating the fund of car, boat as well as house to the poor countries in the world. For car donation will concern with the country, namely Columbia, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nigeria, Kenya, Philippines, and India. The sold donation focuses on education pursuits, feeding programs, teacher need and training materials. The second donation is the mercy boat that allocated for education, feeding for they who are in hungry as well as urgent medical for their healthy. The last is only focus on real estate that will focus on some projects like Discipleship, rehabilitation, health, education, welfare, religious studies, homeless, as well as prison reform. It is usually done by both personal and organization..

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