30 November, 2009

Upload files in pay, just in missupload

Dayly’s internet activities we will never escape from downloading and uploading. An activity to retrieve or send data and information that is needed, Downloading files or upload files on the Internet could be charged by our service providers, many sites that require us to pay when we want to do some file upload, or more commonly known as paid uploads .

But we should not confused when there is no money to upload the file because there is a free upload site, which is a site that allows you to upload files for free, even if we’ll paid for uploading files in to their sites. To prove this please visit www.missupload.com,in here we can upload files as much as possible. If the uploaded files on this site is download by at least 1000 people or times downloaded then we will get paid, good luck.


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  1. wow nice post about money...hehehehehe, kapan nih ngajakin makan makan